Top ranking for your phone number people today call 90% of the numbers they find on Smartphones! Verbal Search, then Click, you are connected!

With Smartphones used by 60% of US in 2013. 78% of age group 25-34 use smart phones.

We are moving to 245 million this year in the US alone, forget Yellow Pages.

One in every 5 People in the World own a smart phone!

We will build you:

  • One page with emphasis on your design or a new on line presence for your Telephone number!
  • Landing top ranked on all search engines!
  • Dedicated number forwarded to your number
  • Dedicated email if needed
  • So you can track every single call or contact.

    So easy of a pay through click as low as $298 set up, $99 per month. We don’t place the page on your site, we do it on ours!  

  • What’s your close rate per live phone call? 30%? 60%? 100%? We will get you the calls!

    Top rankings for local pages

    Monthly reports on calls.

    We have done simple local retailers and hit 100 hits a day, dozens of calls.

    Most have dropped expensive Yellow Pages and use index only.

    With Google Android now dominating over iPhone, our clickable page will get you found and calls. Need more?

  • We can set up re-direct to Smartphones enhanced site.
  • We do SEO Smartphones mini and conversion sites
  • We can do Negative Recovery
  • Regular Web Site Traffic Optimization

    Call us today, we can have you up in days, earning revenues fast!

    SmartPhoneTraffic!   corMARC Corporate Marketing & Revenue Consultants

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