FAQ  for Smartphone Traffic        

Why Smart Phones, iPhones, Blackberry's, Android Phones?

5.6 BILLION Smartphones by 2019.

One in 5 People world-wide have a Smart Phone!

Already have a Web Site, why do I need help?

Smart Phone Users stay on line longer, visit more pages, and click 59% of the time to call the places or services they find.

Why do you need to get smart phone traffic?

By the end of 2011, there will almost be twice as many smart phones surfing in or clicking into your site, than personal computers.

Most people sleep right by their smartphones and wake up to them.

And when they wake up to their smartphones they search!

My business has ads already.

How many of your customers still have a Yellow Pages Phone Book?

How many of your customers buy a newspaper? Less than 2%

How many of your customers listen to the radio or watch your TV station?

Let's see, 245 million customers or people in the USA will be on SmartPhones this year... That's your customer!

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