We will Build you new or convert your current pages and set up:

  • Interactive Map
  • SEO all pages
  • Custom layout pages for smart phones and use on all common browsers
  • Compatible with Android, Blackberry, and iPhone.
  • Set pages for one click Phone Dialing Setup!

  • Smart phones use a multiple of browsers, android, Apple, Windows…
  • Faster loading pages will increase the traffic that stays and does not bounce off.
  • Major search engines lower your ranking if you have a high bounce rate.
  • In other words, if you have a complicated set for desktop site, heavy flash, you are lowering your search results every time someone clicks and cannot load your site.
  • We can take your current pages, maximize them for search engine results, smart phone traffic, and fast loading. Smart Phones require a different layout.
  • Now you will get more quality traffic, targeted to your buying market, and explode your traffic from smart phones while increasing your regular web traffic as well.
  • Please drop us an email and let us know what sites you desire to capitalize on. 
  • We will custom the targeted words, traffic, clicks and make sure you are getting the market you are looking for in that buying moment, when traffic or a customer calls, clicks, or stop by to use your products, services, or expertise.
  • We are converting Web Sites to Mobile Smart Smartphone results!
  • We have smart rates by the single page, conversion of your site, or full turn key new site development.
  • Call us or email today!

SmartPhoneTraffic!   corMARC Corporate Marketing & Revenue Consulting

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